KSI Total Members: 2107
Last Strike: 193
Demonic Mayhem : 250
Dark Legions: 148
Forced Induction: 165
Explosive Outlaws: 328
Eternal Souls: 388
Wicked Destruction: 197
Crimson Dawn: 216
Web/Dept Ops: 0
Divine Warriors: 181

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KSI Fall Classic is this weekend!
Welcome to KSI G14 Classified System

The following are the policy(s) and procedure(s) of this site, failure to follow them may result in being banned or removed...



This site holds a policy that will be referred to as the '1 Week' Policy. After 7 days of inactivity your account will be removed from the access list…


This site holds a policy known as the 'Incorrect Gamertag Policy'… If you change your gamertag on xbox you need to contact your leaders and get a new account setup and the old one deleted.

NOTE - Only a Level 5 or Higher can Delete an account from this site.


The KSI Director Staff is in full control of the Leaders List. All edits need to be sent to them.

KSI Chaos 7 manages the Suspended Squads in all divisions. Do NOT remove a member from suspended they are there for a reason.

If you are updating a squad, DO NOT DELETE ALL MEMBERS OR DELETE THE SQUAD TO UPDATE Doing so will result in being removed from the site.

Board Members having a legitimate reason to have access to this site can get approval from the CEO. All requests will then be made by the CEO to KSI Chaos 7 for approval, failure to follow this procedure will ensure you do not gain access.


Level 0 = General - Gives access to 1 squad.

Level 1 = Co-Founder - Gives access to 2 squads.

Level 2 = Co-Founder - Gives access to 3 - 4 squads.

Level 3 = Founder through Division Leader - Gives access over one Division.

Level 4 = Directors through Senior Directors - Gives access to all Divisions.

Level 5 = Site Admin or Senior Director - Gives access to Delete Squads/Divisions and Delete User Accounts.

Level 6 = Main Site Administrator for KSI G14 Classified

Level 7 = Server Administrator

Please Note*

- Asking for access above what is listed or asking for new Levels to be made will result in a ban or removal from the site…

- To gain access please talk to your Division Leader…

- What access is given is dependent on both rank and your clan op’s status.